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Sustainable Software Development - book review

Posted by   hiranabe   Date   2007/7/26 12:00:00

Kevin Tate's book
Sustainable Software Development - An Agile Perspective

I really like the title! I've been thinking that software development and software itself should be sustainable and constructed not like a "building" but like Sagrada Família. Kent Beck also said that software development is more like "gardening".

Kevin introduces four principles in a juggling metaphore.
Striving for sustainable software development is like juggling the four balls of sustainable development [principles] at the same time as the much larger balls that represent features and bugfixing.

The four principles are;

* Working Product
* Design Emphasis
* Defect Prevention
* Continual Refinement

All of them have been stated in the context of Agile, but the viewpoint of "sustainability" is worth reading.

Here's a mind map of my book review. Click to magnify or here's one in PDF format.

Jim Highsmith gave a good foreword.
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