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Developers Blog2008/01/09What's new in JUDE/Professional and Community 5.2 Beta JUDE/Professional 5.2 Beta and JUDE/C... midori 648300
Developers Blog2007/12/26Template Class supported in JUDE Professional5.2 beta and Community5.2 beta We have got many user requests for Te... harry 943700
Developers Blog2007/11/17Toyota Tour with Craig and Bas On Monday, I visited Toyota with Crai... hiranabe 1094440
Developers Blog2007/09/28TRICHORD is exhibited at SD Best Practices 2007 Change Vision, Inc., exhibited TRICHO... hiranabe 619200
Developers Blog2007/09/06What's new in JUDE/Professional 5.1 Beta We have been developing JUDE/Professi... midori 948500
Developers Blog2007/08/23Learning Kaizen from TOYOTA [with MindMaps] -- Agile2007 session I led a session with Mary Poppendieck... hiranabe 3422620
Developers Blog2007/08/10Ruby and Agile (4) -- Openess in Ruby and Agile The forth video of the six.AdendaPart... hiranabe 622300
Developers Blog2007/07/26Sustainable Software Development - book review Kevin Tate's bookSustainable Sof... hiranabe 1425400
Developers Blog2007/07/05JUDE Tips JUDE development team members are wri... midori 599900
Developers Blog2007/07/05Ruby and Agile (3) -- Rubyishness This time, we talk about Rubyishness.... hiranabe 757100
Developers Blog2007/07/01Ruby and Agile (2) The second video of our "Ruby x Agile... hiranabe 1168820
Developers Blog2007/06/11PragDave in RubyKaigi2007 In RubyKaigi2007 Day2, PragDave talke... hiranabe 791600
Developers Blog2007/06/10RubyKaigi2007 I attended RubyKaigi2007.I have a cha... hiranabe 541000
Developers Blog2007/06/08Draw Flowchart with JUDE! Now you can draw Flowchart with JUDE/... Joba 830300
Developers Blog2007/05/30Ruby and Agile ** Update **The second video is here;... hiranabe 1760520
Developers Blog2007/05/30From Patterns To Agile Movement To answer frequently asked questions,... hiranabe 860300
Developers Blog2007/05/14Why did you choose JUDE? - Questionnaire Result - We are getting answers of questionnai... midori 521800
Developers Blog2007/03/02ER Diagram in JUDE/Professional 3.2 Do you need ER diagrams for your deve... midori 1174400
Developers Blog2006/12/24Mind Map and Software Development Life Cycle There are several referers to our sit... hiranabe 649300
Developers Blog2006/12/24Happy Holidays ! Hello,We started up Change Vision, In... hiranabe 659600
Developers Blog2006/11/20JUDE/Professional 3.1.1, Community 3.1.1 Released! Hi Folks.We are pleased to announce t... Joba 725710
Developers Blog2006/10/31JUDE/Professional 3.1 Released! Composite Structure Diagram has been ... midori 719410
Developers Blog2006/10/19Design Patterns by Mind Map I tried mind mapping of "Design ... hiranabe 2452800
Developers Blog2006/10/13AJAX World Conference & Expo in Silicon Valley AJAX World Conference & Expo was held... midori 640800
Developers Blog2006/10/01Ruby and Agile (or "Light Weight" to "Agile" from language viewpoint) Today I talked with Matz("the&qu... hiranabe 2310420
Developers Blog2006/09/29XP and Agile Books Here's a mind map of the "H... hiranabe 1718550
Developers Blog2006/09/27Kent Beck Visited Change Vision Kent Beck, Cynthia Andres and their f... hiranabe 862400
Developers Blog2006/09/27JUDE/Professional 3.1 Beta 1 Released! In JUDE/Professional 3.1 Beta1, Compo... midori 1095600
Developers Blog2006/09/20JUDE/Think! - Mind Map Tool JUDE/Think! has been released!JUDE/Th... midori 1804500
Developers Blog2006/08/28Book review - "Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great" Book review - "Agile Retrospecti... hiranabe 1360301
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