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UML and Mind Map

Author: hiranabe (1:48 pm)
JUDE is a unique modeling tool which combines UML and Mind Maps.
Here, I wrote a technical paper of the background thoughts ...
Why UML and Mind Map, anyway ??

Agile Modeling with Mind Map and UML

Requirement Gathering or Gathering User Stories
(in Agile context) is always a challenging phase in
software development. There are no standard
processes or notations defined, In addition,
communication and facilitation skills are the primary
factor that makes the activity effective. In this paper, I
propose a new method for exploring Ŷser Wish¡¦
using Mind Maps and then model it using UML.

We put up this paper on the wall of our JavaOne Pavilion booth and many engineers liked the concept, thank you !

What do you think ?
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