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BestBrains Visited Change Vision, Inc.

Author: hiranabe (1:43 pm)
Apr.16, Bent Jensen and his collegegues of BestBrains
"BestBrains", in Denmark, visited Change Vision attended by Denmark Ambasador Yamaguchi-san.

BestBrains are Agile and Lean consultants and practitioners, implementing the concepts into the real world software development. They came to Japan to see Japanese Lean companies including Toyota, Honda, Fujitsu, and NEC who have their own implementatoin of TPS. That day they visited Change Vision to see our practices of Agile software development and also to see "TRICHORD". (TRICHORD is a project "Mieruka"(visual management) tool that makes Agile teams more productive, collaborative, and fun).

Before that day, a Japanese agile community "XPJUG" had a night gathering "Agile Night With Danish Agilists" with BestBrains to share Agile and Lean thinking and the current situations in Japan and Denmark.

I attended their visit to Toyota, Fujitus, and the "Agile Night", and found that they were keen to learn not from books, but from the Gemba(real workplace). We got very excited after the Toyota plant tour, and enjoyed Kaiseki-dinner in Ginza. I went home early that night, but heard that some went to another bar, and others woke up early the next morning and visited Tsukiji. How wild Danish people are !

I myself enjoyed talking with them during the trip very much. I'm beginning to think that meeting foreign people and exchanging our good Japanese culture and thinking with theirs became one of my missions, and it also increases my quality of life, possibilities toward the future.

Thank you Bent, Lars and all for visiting Japan and Change Vision.
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