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Mind Map of Jazz Guitar Chords

Author: hiranabe (9:07 am)
Here's a Mind Map of Jazz guitar chords of C major, for Ionian and Lidian modes.

The chords shapes are categorized into three branches based on the place(string #) of the root note(i.e. the "C" note). The fifth string and the forth string branches have "left" and "right" posistions depending on which side the fingers are placed according to the root note. Every branch spreads from a derivative of the primary chord form of CM7.

I'll do this thing for D minor 7th and G dominant 7th next time! D minor 7th will includes 9th, 6th. G dominant 7th will includes a lot of tensions like 9, 13 (natual) and b9, #9, #11, b13 (altered).

*Click Image to enlarge.
*Click here to download the original .jude file.
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